Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Spring Card

Welcome!  After a long winter (we do have long ones in Canada!) there's nothing more refreshing than celebrating the return of spring!  Bright, cheery colors are the perfect way to do that.

Since the weather man this week is threatening us with some grossly cold temperatures I thought a little punch of spring is needed right now!  The ground is snow covered, I can't see more than 15 feet out of the window thanks to some very thick ice fog and I'm prepping for Christmas with all the trimmings.  This card may be a little out of place, but seeing it has cheered me up chased away a little of this chill in the ole' bones!

At the time I received this kit in the mail I had recently seen a huge amount of Hungry Caterpillar crafts online.  With that in the back of my creative mind and the inspiring color palette, I got straight to crafting.

I immediately knew I wanted to create a cute caterpillar but alas I (still!) don't have a basic circle punch.  (I know what you're thinking - how is that possible?!) That was quickly remedied by grabbing a small bar glass to use as a tracing template.  Then I ran into another roadblock with the colored cardstock.  Each one was an awkward size that didn't fit with my plan. My scissors took care of that one!  Take a look!

This cream colored polka dot paper makes a very girlie caterpillar.  

A small shot glass was the perfect size for the circles to make the body and I used a fine tip pen to add the finishing touches.

Those awkward sized cardstock pieces?  I opted to cut them into strips and layer them to create a fun and colorful base!

This card puts a smile on my face!  I think finding this in your mailbox would be a sweet way to bid winter a fond farewell!  Now I have to cross my fingers that the upcoming winter isn't too terrible!

Happy Scrapping!  Candice

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