Thursday, January 12, 2012

2010 Christmas Album - Page 24

Hooray!  I'm so glad to finally post the final page in my 2010 Christmas album!  Our family, like many others, has a couple fun traditions for Christmas Eve.  One of those is the baking of yummy cookies to set out for Santa.  E & I love baking fresh chocolate chip cookies together. Then we wait, very impatiently I might add, for them to cool enough to try a few!

Now before anyone runs out and accuses me of being a super 'Leave It To Beaver' Mom, I have to come clean about these cookies we bake. Brace yourselves....

They are not made from scratch.

I'll give everyone a moment to compose themselves.  Better?  Excellent. LOL!  I love the ready to go Pillsbury cookies - oh yes I do!  This particular year we used the place and bake type - too easy!  Anyway, here we are having oh so much fun!

Try to ignore the glare, darn flash at night!!  But I do love these photos - we're having so much fun! 
E knows that spacing the cookies is the most important job & that's why he's in charge!

We're the perfect pair in the kitchen!  (at least when it comes to cookies, LOL!)

The gumdrop paper is from MAMBI and the kitchen themed brads are from Eyelet Outlet.

More brads from Eyelet Outlet - so cute!
So there it is, that's Christmas Eve!  But wait.....didn't I mention in the beginning of this post that our family has a couple traditions?  Yes, I sure did!  So baking cookies for Santa is one.....what's the other?  Tune in tomorrow for our other tradition and the absolute last page for my album!!  Surprise!

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. This is the best one yet! Great pictures of the two of you and those brads...I have got to get going to the eyelet outlet, these are amazing!