Friday, January 13, 2012

2010 Christmas Album - Page 24 Part 2

Did you enjoy my surprise ending yesterday?  Hee hee hee, I thought you might!  Don't worry, no more twists this really is the final photo page in my album!  Before I really get going I just want to thank everyone who has hung in with me and visited for my Christmas marathon!  I really appreciate it:)

Our second family tradition on the night before Christmas is new pyjamas!  Every year since I can remember I have opened a new pair of pj's on Christmas Eve.  I recall it being a wonderful moment for a few reasons.  First, who doesn't love opening a gift one night early? Second, I have never met a person who doesn't love a new set of sleepy pants! And third, isn't it nice to wake up and have a lovely holiday morning in spiffy new threads?  It's a tradition that I have kept up with E.  He's always very excited to see what his new pj's look like.

Here's my guys posing in their new duds!

Of course, E's being too silly to pose nicely! 

I thought using tags to journal on would be fun - it was!

The End:)

And that's all folks!  Someday I will get around to completing the all-journaling pages and sharing them. I feel very good that I made a goal to finish this album and I have stuck with it!  I got a little worried about becoming overwhelmed with this all Christmas jag I've been on, but it's been fun:)

Thank you again for all the kind comments and sticking with me!

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. LOL....where is the pic of you and your new PJ's...LOL
    These are my favorite papers, did you cut out the trees or are those part of the pack? So darling....not too sure about the Canucks though..LOL
    Very nice Marathon by the way. Loved seeing something new from you everyday. :)