Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everything & The Bathroom Sink!

Ahh, my fur babies melt my heart.  (& drive me crazy & deposit fur everywhere & wake me up at zero-dark-I-don't-think-so!)  They're so cute & wonderful!
Nibs is especially full of unique attitude & interesting cat quirks.  One of his more adorable hobbies is sleeping in the craziest places.  One day I found him in a brand new napping spot, so of course I took pics & scrapped them.
Usually his most common flop spots include - laundry baskets, couches, beds, laps, tables, shelves & beanbag chairs.  The bathroom sink is a new one!

One of my favourite things about this LO are the lettered game tiles that I randomly glued into the words.  And you can't beat the fun of using metal vanity plates ("PURRR")!
Happy Scrapping & Clipping!

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