Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random LO's I Love

Since I have been up to my ears in stuff lately, I haven't had a whole lot of time to scrap anything new.  But since I really enjoy sharing my scrapping with you, I decided to take a few photos of some LO's that were a ton of fun to create!

This first one is from the very first day of my son's first season of soccer.  It's easy to see how excited he is to get going and of course, there I am holding up the show because I wanted to take advantage of a photo op.  I went very minimal (for me!) on the embellishments, which was a neat challenge.  I usually pour on the embellies (I love them!), so for this LO I tried to keep it simple.  Take a peek:

Next up is my orange-a-rific cat Nibs.  I love these pictures of us cuddling together (as we often are!), but again, I wanted to go simple and let the pictures do the talking.  I only journaled a few lines.  I love love love the brown patterned paper (from Doodlebug) and the damask print ribbon (LYB).  This LO was also my first venture into big time stamping.  I have dabbled with stamps before, but on a much smaller scale.  This time I went for gusto and used oversized stamps for the title.  What do you think?

Continuing with my furbabies, this next LO is of Lexi when she was just a pup.  Boy that seems like eons ago!  It was actually less than two years ago!  Since I have a house full of males, my orange cat included, I try to use pink whenever I can.  It's my favourite color!  These super cute pictures of Lexi with her giant chewing log seemed like the perfect opportunity to go crazy with pink.  Just a note - the patterned paper is a very vibrant pink but for some reason it looks a little pale in the photo.  Oh, and that giant chew log she has - lasted ALL summer long, it was so big she couldn't even lift it!

Now here's a great LO about my wonderful husband!  This was my first experience with core cardstock, I am totally hooked now!  It's a fun list of ten reasons why I love him so much.  He balked a little when I asked if I could post this LO because he thinks these are goofy looking pictures of him.  Personally, these are two of my favourite pictures of him!  Maybe modesty should be the eleventh thing on my list!  Here's my better half smiling happily as always!

Last, but certainly not least is another page about my Nibs.  Can you tell how much cat love I have?  LOL!  Of course I love all my furbabies, there just happen to be more LO's of Nibs because he was our first rescue pet.  This pose is so typically "Nibs".  He lounges like this all over the house!  I really loved this paper (can't remember the origin, sorry!), but I had been struggling to use it.  Again, this was a time when I was trying to go easy on the accents and let the photos take centre stage.  It may be hard to see, but I also used clear mini tiles on the outside of the flowers in the lower corner.  They are very fun to use!  Another first, but now I use them quite a bit!

Now that I look back, these LO's may not be as random as I thought!  They are all from one time or another when I was trying to tone down my embellishment addiction.  Maybe my next post will have a selection of my over-use of embellies, which is a very frequent occurrence!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Do you lean towards a minimalist look or are you an accent junkie like me?  I'd love to hear about it!  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

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