Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learning To Ride

Hi fellow scrappers!  I am here to retreat into the blogosphere because my hopes of spring finally showing up have been dashed.  *Sigh*  This weather is verging on frustratingly ridiculous!  It snowed yesterday.  Oh yeah, you read that right - it snowed!  *Big Sigh*  I'm fully on board with the fact that winter in northern Canada is long.  I can deal with the extreme cold.  But seriously!  Can it just be spring yet?  Please?
Well, in lieu of my deep longing for winter to vacate post haste, I have created a LO with pictures from last spring.  At least here in scrap land I can pretend it's warmer & greener!
I remember this particular day as being a little chilly, but beautiful for learning to ride a bike.  We packed up & went over to a soccer pitch with my dear son chomping at the bit for his first crack at a two wheeler.  He pedalled & pedalled, my husband pushed & held on, I stood back & took lots of pictures.  He tried so hard & was having a great time.  Unfortunately, at that time he was about two inches too short to really get a handle on the bike.  After a couple hours we were all tuckered out so we called it a day.
What a fantastic day it was!  I can't wait for good bike riding weather again!  Thanks for stopping in!  I'd love to hear what you're looking forward to this spring in the comments!  Happy Scrapping!

I just love Cosmo Cricket!  I have used The Boyfriend Line for so many different projects!

Top half of LO

Bottom half of LO

I love using lists on my LO's!  It's even better when the list is a quiz like this one!  So much fun!


  1. hey there. i like lists too :-) also like rescue pets but mine don't number as high as yours! cute biking page x

  2. Thanks! I'm sure we'd have a lot more rescue pets if we had more space! I think we're maxed out right now, LOL!

  3. Love the gears - perfect accent!