Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Painting With Balloons

Throughout August I decided to try a plethora of fun crafts with E, most of which I initially saw on Pinterest.  If you've ever gotten lost on that site you can back me up here - there are so many fantastic craft ideas!

Since the weather was gorgeous and boys love nothing more than making a mess, I opted for crafts that could be done outside.  The messier the better! Our first project was splatter painting with mini balloons.

I have to be honest, I was probably more excited than E to try it out.  The plan was simple - fill small balloons with paint, tack them to a board, throw darts at them and watch the paint fly.  We gathered our materials:  paint, water balloons, tacks and canvas.  Luckily, we found everything at our local dollar store.  Not only was this craft tons of fun, it was super cheap also!  The only item we struck out on were darts.  I couldn't find cheap, plastic darts to save my life!  My solution?  Finishing nails taped to the end of a mini hockey stick! It worked great!

Here's what we started with:  (the canvas is 8 x 10)

The garage door is perfect since it's so easy to clean!

This was our second canvas.  See all the splatter from canvas #1?

And here's the finished products:

Canvas #2 on left, Canvas #1 on right
E & I had a wonderful afternoon making this craft.  Now we have amazing homemade artwork to hang in our living room!

Did you do any fun crafts this summer?  Have you tried balloon painting?

Happy Scrapping!  Candice

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