Monday, January 9, 2012

2010 Christmas Album - Page 21

Wow, Day 21 already?!?!  We're jumping ahead as Days 19 & 20 are solely journalling.  I've decided that I will share the journalling pages with you a later date.  I think I'll put them all in one post, just so I can showcase the details.

E is killing me with his cuteness on Day 21!  Just like all kids, and some adults, E has a rough time being patient in the final days leading up to Christmas morning.  There's always poking and prodding, tag flipping and random guesses.  On this particular day E was checking out a tag to see who the gift in question was destined for.

I love this page, it's so bright and cheery!

The colors may be non-traditional but they put a smile on my face:)  The title is cut at 1.5" from Plantin Schoolbook, the background paper & brads are Doodlebug (my fave!).

The colors are a little truer in this photo.  The notecard & journalling space are from the same line I just wish I could remember which one.

Blue & pink may be my new favourite holiday colors!

E may be the one peeking at tags but in all honesty I'm a big kid at heart who does the same thing!  LOL!  Difference is, there's no one hiding in the wings taking my picture!  At least I hope there's not:)  Are you a peeker, a poker, a shaker or a guesser?

Happy Scrapping!

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  1. I am a shaker, guesser, peeker, then hope I can make it till Christmas...LOL

    Great page, these non traditional colors are so fun! :)