Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Road Trip Mini Album

I am so excited to post my first entry on my brand new blog!  This is a whole new adventure in the online scrapbooking community for me & I am giddy with anticipation.

These pictures are from an 8 x 8 album I started to chronicle our amazing road trip to Ontario in 2009.  There was never a dull moment having crammed my son (5 years old at the time), my fiancee, our new dog and myself into our truck for a cross country journey!  We took a 30ft trailer so we could camp along the way.  After a fantastic visit with my family we packed up and did it all over again!  This was not our first road trip together, however, it was our first real family vacation.  Boy did we have a great time!  Some of the journalling is not finished and there are still numerous pictures left to be scrapped for this album, but I think it's a good start.  Thanks for taking a peek!

On the way from Alberta to Ontario

One of our favourite campsites 

A day at the Toronto Zoo with my parents

More zoo fun

And more zoo adventures

Lexi trying to cool off in the Ontario heat

A long drive down a gravel road to find a hidden jewel of a campsite cost us one tire

Enjoying a snack at a campsite

A quick stop for a quirky photo op on the road (Kandahar Sask.)

A lovely day spent visiting some extended family with my Mom

I am so fascinated by the Amish culture & wanted to remember the joy of getting to see a nice couple on their way to town

This is my very first attempt at building a fire, it was a great success

Another fun filled day spending time with more extended family and my wonderful son

While we packed the truck & trailer, Lexi was ready for her own photo op


  1. Congrats on your pretty new blog! Love your layouts, they are all so nicely done. You do lovely work. :)

  2. Great Blog!! I love your layouts!!

  3. hey found you from the CK message board and saw that you live in alberta!
    i do too in Calgary, and it's not very often i find people on blogs that live anywhere close to me, so i thought i would say hello!


  4. Thanks so much for the very supportive comments!
    Megan - I also enjoy "meeting" anyone that lives close! Keep in touch =)

  5. Good job on building your blog, Candice. Loved seeing your pictures of your trip to Canada. My DH and I made a wonderful trip up there about 10 years ago. So much fun. Glad you've joined us at CK.

  6. Very nice blog - I would not know how to start one. The LO's were so interesting. Mamajo