Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mother's Day Mini Album (Part 2)

Welcome back!  Today I'm going to reveal Part 2 of the mini album for my Mom.  If you missed Part 1, see it here.

I'm sure you noticed from the first post that I utilized a lot of scrap paper, ribbon and flowers.  They're easy to manipulate, great for smaller pages and come in so many amazing colors and patterns.  So it should come as no surprise that the second half is very similar and uses many of those same products.

Just a note:  Unfortunately I do not know which manufacturers made everything I used.  In cases that I'm sure I will list it but I do apologize for all the great products that go uncredited. :)

(Page 10: Christmas) Paper clips from the dollar store acted as great ornament holders.

(Page 11: Skating and Birthday) I like the variety of striped paper and the little striped brad.  The "Too Cute" binder clip is another dollar store find.

(Page 12: Visiting Grandparents) The adorned paper clips came from where else but the dollar store, ha!  The game spinner and token are from Tim Holtz.

(Page 13: Baby Lion!) Obviously I have a great love for ribbon and brads!

(Page 14: Egyptian Theme Birthday) I love how a couple simple pieces of paper and a pair of brads can pull a page together.

(Page 15: Birthday) This is the only page with extra journalling on it.  I used a square of cardstock, a brad and ribbon to make a mini journalling spot that flips over.

(Page 16: Christmas, Carnival and School) This page is eclectic with occasions so I chose simple papers with simple colors.

(Page 17: Take Your Kid To Work) This page is all military!  Plain green cardstock and personalized army themed stickers.  I added the chain to make the dog tags more authentic, it's from my first set of dog tags.

(Page 18: My Military Career, so far) I re purposed American Air Force stickers  by trimming off specific portions of the stickers.  It's seriously tough to find Canadian military scrap stuff!!

The entire experience of making this gift was wonderful.  I laughed, I cried, I reminisced.  The pictures do a great job at telling the story of my Mom and I.  I hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Happy Scrapping!  Candice

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