Thursday, October 11, 2012

Help Save The Polar Bears

Today E signed up for a great cause at Earth Rangers.  He's very excited about doing his part to help save the polar bears.  I'm super proud that he is becoming interested in environmental issues and wanting to protect beautiful, wild spaces and animals.

If anyone out there in the blogosphere is interested in helping him out check out this link:

Use the Bring Back The Wild drop down menu and choose Find A Ranger.  Then search for RangerEthan.  That will take you to E's very own donation page!

You can also hit up my Twitter feed to find the link:)

E's polar bear campaign is going on for 3 weeks and he would be very thankful to anyone who wants to help!

Thank you in advance to anyone who visits his page and donates to a great cause!

Happy Scrapping!  Candice

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